​​​Fertilization and Weed Control

Fern's Lawn Care, LLC uses the latest technology in the fertilization and weed control industry.  Advantages of using the "Z Spray Machine" on your property include:

  • Enables the operator to specifically adjust the treatment to meet your lawn's needs  

  • Offers the latest GPS Technology to ensure an evenly distributed application

  • Allows the technician to apply product in those hard to reach areas with a hand held hose.

​A posted lawn sign will be placed in the yard after each application. 

​With proper fertilization and weed control, you can rest assured that your lawn has the right nutrients not just to grow, but to thrive.  We offer a five application fertilization/weed control program carefully designed to give your lawn the right amount of nutrients at the right time.

Round 1- Early Spring

Features a spring rate granular fertilizer in conjunction with a crabgrass pre-emergent.

Round 2- Late Spring
Consists of spraying a selective liquid herbicide 

over the entire lawn to control broadleaf weeds along

with a liquid fertilizer to help stimulate growth.

Round 3- Early Summer
Features a slow release granular fertilizer

to help feed your lawn during stressful summer


Will treat weeds if present.   

Round 4- Late Summer
Focuses on sustaining color using a slow release fertilizer during the dog days of summer.

Will treat weeds if present.

Round 5- Fall

Consists of a liquid fertilizer intended to stimulate root growth and aid in early spring green up. 

Will treat weeds if present.