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Lawn Aeration Services In Baldwin, WI

Core Aeration Services Also Provided In Roberts, Wisconsin, Hammond, Wisconsin, & Surrounding Wisconsin Cities!

  • Better Air Exchange For Your Lawn

  • Increased Soil Water Uptake

  • Strengthens Turfgrass Roots

  • Creates A Happier & Healthier Lawn!

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    Lawn Aeration

    Affordable Lawn Aeration Services In Hammond, WI

    Core Aeration is one of the most important practices you can provide your lawn. When we aerate your lawn, we use a ride on aerator that will pull dirt plugs from the soil and lay them on top of the grass. By removing these plugs, it will allow water, oxygen, and nutrients to reach the deepest part of the root zone. It also helps break up the compaction of the soil so your roots can grow deeper which results in a healthier lawn. Core aeration will help reduce your thatch layer in your lawn.

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    Frequently Asked Lawn Aeration Questions

  • What is the best time to core aerate my lawn?

    The best time to core aerate your lawn is during the fall, starting in late August and running through September.

    Once the aeration is completed, can I overseed my lawn?

    After your lawn aeration is complete, you can absolutely overseed your lawn! We also have the ability to overseed your lawn while we are aerating. The grass seed will germinate where the plugs were removed. The seed stays protected in the holes and you will see germination about two weeks after the seed was put down. For best practice, be sure to water the areas that were overseeded to help with the germination process. 

    What do I do with the plugs that are laying on top of my grass?

    Let the plugs lay on the grass. With time, the plugs will eventually break down on their own. You can mow your lawn after core aerating even if the plugs are laying on the grass. This will also help break down the plugs faster along with a good rainfall.

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